Our Story - Andador

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A Rich History

Founders Eduardo and Andres were born and raised in Guatemala, surrounded by beautiful traditionally-woven goods that they grew to love. After both living in the US later in life, they realized that these textiles, paired with high-quality leather from South America, had global appeal and personality that upgrades almost any outfit. 

Having already found local weavers with decades of experience, the founders spent almost a year trying to find the best leather shop for their needs. When Covid-19 hit and significantly lowered the weavers’ income from tourism, Eduardo and Andres moved quickly and secured a partnership with Guatemala’s top leather manufacturer. Shortly after, Andador kicked off its first round of production.

Our Mayan Influence

The belt fabric is produced by local weavers using designs learned through their mayan heritage. Most of these weavers are located around Lake Atitlan, one of Guatemala's top outdoor spots.

The fabric is carefully hand-woven using traditional looms, taking about one day for a weaver to produce a belt. This yields an extremely high quality material, through which an average poverty-stricken household is able to potentially double their income. 

A Spirit of Adventure

The weavers’ mayan heritage has a significant role in Guatemalan culture, which is displayed in the belt design. Most of these weavers are located around Lake Atitlan, one of Guatemalan top outdoor spots, which inspired the company’s name. Andador means adventurer, and its products embody the rugged spirit of exploration, coupled with the importance of high-quality design.